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To insure or not to insure, that is the question.

When I got back into photography and started to look at how to exhibit and where to exhibit my work, the last thing I thought of was insuring my work when it was displayed in cafes, galleries or exhibitions etc. After all, preparing my work (i.e. printing, mounting, framing etc) had been such an expensive task, that quite often I ignored any additional ‘unnecessary’ expenses! 

So far (touch wood!) I have been lucky however, this subject has recently raised its head and I wanted to share the experiences with you…   

One exhibitor had drink spilt on her very expensively produced image and it damaged the acrylic front but, the printers who produced the image managed to repair it. However, she was fortunate in this case but it could have been a costly lesson to replace the damaged image.

Another exhibitor’s work fell off the wall at an exhibition and it was damaged.  This too was an expensive piece to produce and it just adds addition costs on your small profit line & extra hassle to get it fixed. It is also important to remember that you cannot always rely on claiming on the venue’s insurance and always check the terms and conditions on your contract to ascertain who is responsible for insurance. 

Learn from these eventualities and ensure your work is insured not only for the duration of the exhibition but also for transportation to and from the venue. 



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Where are they now? Karolin Schwab – Winner Best in Show October 2011

Karolin won Best in Show of the inaugural London Photo Festival in October 2011. We catch up with her to find out what she is doing now and how participating in the Festival helped shape her photographic path:-

It’s been some time now since I have been part of the fantastic London Photo Festival, but my memories of it are still quite vivid. I heard about the LPF from one of my teachers at University in Germany, where I was studying for a Teacher’s degree in Fine Art. Since I was planning to spend a semester abroad in London anyway and now found out there would be a chance to exhibit my work, I didn’t hesitate a second and booked my space.

So finally the big day of the Private View came and I remember walking around the exhibition thinking “damn, there are some really good photographers in this show, who really know how to use their camera.” A little bit embarrassed about my own photo, I tried to look at the positive sides like I got to meet a lot of interesting people and generally the whole experience of exhibition practice was very helpful. So, as I was in company of nice people and good wine, you can imagine how I surprised I was, when suddenly my name was called out for “Best in Show”.

I didn’t expect it at all (I can’t emphasize this enough!) and I think it actually took me a few days to realize everything. Also the fact that my picture got sold straight from the show seemed very unreal at first. It was all too good. I’m still in touch with the Swedish collector who bought my piece and it’s such a nice thing to know my photo is now hanging miles away in somebody else’s living room. Still, what was even more important to me – that night, after winning the award, my boosted ego decided to take my career as an artist seriously, I quit my studies in Germany and stayed in London and finished my Fine Art degree there.

Looking back, there isn’t much to say other than: it has been the best decision I’ve ever made. After two wonderful years full of art, putting up and taking down many more shows and finally graduating from University, I am know back in Germany (Berlin) dividing my time between working for a gallery and concentrating on my own art work. The next show in London for this year is just around the corner ( and shortly after that I will do a two week artist residency.

Nothing left to say other than life is good. In fact, it’s great and I really have to thank everyone from the LPF, without whom all this might have never happened.

© Karolin Schwab

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London Photo Festival Master Class From Emerging to Professional Photographer: Considerations and Practice

Zoe Whishaw will be exploring what it takes to attract potential clients to use your services and the essential characteristics and personality traits that you need if you are to be successful.

She will also be discussing how important it is for photographers to develop a consistent, coherent personal style that demonstrates a passion and talent in the area of photography they choose to work in. And to end with, she will reviewing the essential functionality and structure of a website to help attract art buyers and photo editors.


  • What are the markets for a professional photographer?
  • What is the commercial market looking for in a photographer?
  • What characteristics in a photographer do art buyers and photo editors for look for?
  • What are the essential elements of a compelling website?
  • What does a photographer’s rep/agent do and when is the right time to find one?What are the best ways to market your work?

When: 22nd May 2014
Times: 7pm – 9.30 pm
Where: The Crypt Borough High Street, London
Cost: Previous Exhibitors (including May 2014) £25; Non-exhibitors early-bird (must be booked by 1st March 2014) £30; if booked after 1st March 2014 £35

Places are limited and early booking is advised.

Zoe Whishaw is a Commercial Photography Consultant and mentor providing creative direction and strategic advice for photographers and photo agencies ( She is an expert in the visual language of stills photography within commercial contexts and she has judged international photography competitions, including Wildlife Photographer of the Year, STA Travel Photo Competition, the Association of Photographers Open Awards and the 2011 annual Association of Photographers Awards and the London Photo Festival, October 2013. 


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We hear from the winner of Art Gemini’s photography category….

My name is Chiara and I’m an Italian photographer based in Copenhagen, Denmark. After completing a Bachelor in Business Administration and an Estate Agent licence, I decided I needed more creativity in my life and I took up photography at the New York Institute of Photography.

My first ‘important’ exhibition was through the London Photo Festival, which gave me the HUGE possibility to show my work and the confidence I still needed to take my photography up to a more professional level.

About the image I named “Uno”: it took a lot to take the right shot! It was taken at the Carlsberg Glyptotek in Copenhagen, which is always overcrowded. I was inspired by the simplicity of the whole scene, loved the shapes, lines and shadows, the natural light. But I also wanted to photograph only ONE person (from this the name ‘Uno’) possibly in black going towards the white statue, to give the image a twist of mystery as well. Which took a lot of time spent in there everyday for a whole week to capture the perfect image.

I entered the Art Gemini Prize competition as a challenge, almost for fun, and I never ever expected to be shortlisted! But I got in and from there everything went so quickly and I won the first prize. I could not believe it, I still can’t and I’m still amazed!

I would definitely advise people to enter this competition, but not only this one. Any chance to show your work, is a door that opens! Take any chance, but be selective about the competitions you enter, there are many non-serious competitions out there as well.

And I will for sure be back to the London Photo Festival in May! I could not imagine a better place to show my work to people in a very professional and yet relaxed way. The London Photo Festival gives you a chance others don’t. It gave me possibilities, challenges and lots of exposure.

The Art Gemini exhibition is on until the 7th February 2014 at the Rebecca Hossack Gallery  2A Conway Street, London W1T 6BA



© Chiara Gerevasi