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inHOUSE Film Festival 9th-13th April – call for submissions!

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Alay Paun, one of our exhibitors from 2012, has recently set up the inHOUSE Film Festival, a non-profit film festival in North London which will combine music, art, film and fashion, bringing together the creative community in cross-platform events and performances.

“Still films have the ability to put images in motion, communicate a story and inspire our imagination. like Chris Marker’s acclaimed La Jetee, still films put the mind to work and allow our associations interpretations to roam freely. The power of a still image is unqustionable, but combined in sequences with sound, these images can reach a higher potency.

With a genre still left unexplored, they are looking for your contribution. inHOUSE Film Festival is calling for innovative storytellers to submit their short films, or ‘photo novels’, to be featured in our festival. The theme is ‘Transformation’.

Films must be no more than 2 minutes in length, can contain any number of still images, and must have a narrative, told by subtitle, voiceover, or the images themselves. The deadline for submissions is March 31st. The festival runs from April 9-13th.”



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