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LPF Exhibitor Sets up Photography Club

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Are you interested in photography?

At Southlands Arts Centre, (75 The Green West Drayton Middlesex UB7 7PW), we are holding the Southlands Photography Club.

This is due to start on Sunday 4th May and our meetings will be on the 1st Sunday of the each month.

The club will be an opportunity to share ideas, ask questions, and gain experience in this great field of the arts photography.

It is open to everyone regardless of experience, and people who have no experience are most welcome too. We want to cover Film photography as well as digital photography, and the more experienced members of the group will enjoy sharing their skills with newcomers. (Devoted shutterbugs can be eager to share their work with an interested community).

The initial agenda for the club will be to discuss upcoming photography adventures, such as a monthly assignment for all to be involved, future photo competitions, the possibility of exhibiting our photos.

All ideas and suggestions are more than welcome, there are so many branches of interest, such as nature photography, portraiture, landscape, street photography and pet portraiture, just to name a few which can all be discussed for our club.

Being a member of the Southlands Photo Club you will receive a monthly email with all upcoming events to do with photography and get to share information and show off your work.

The club is intended as, a fun, enjoyable environment for the learning and practicing the craft of photography, so whether you are an amateur, a professional, someone with no experience, or somewhere in between, all are welcome.

At some point, one of the club’s members, will be talking about his own experience with photography and his disability, even though his Cerebral Palsy makes his hands shake, he will discuss how he overcome this and manages to enjoy and love taking photos.

So what’s stopping you? If you need more information on the Southlands Photography Club, then you can email me at or call 01895 580 148 Leave a message and I will get back to you.

Have a Look at the web site for Southlands Arts Centre



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