London Photo Festival & London Photo Gallery

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London Photo Festival Master Class From Emerging to Professional Photographer: Considerations and Practice

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Still a few spaces left – don’t miss out!

London Photo Festival & London Photo Gallery

Zoe Whishaw will be exploring what it takes to attract potential clients to use your services and the essential characteristics and personality traits that you need if you are to be successful.

She will also be discussing how important it is for photographers to develop a consistent, coherent personal style that demonstrates a passion and talent in the area of photography they choose to work in. And to end with, she will reviewing the essential functionality and structure of a website to help attract art buyers and photo editors.


  • What are the markets for a professional photographer?
  • What is the commercial market looking for in a photographer?
  • What characteristics in a photographer do art buyers and photo editors for look for?
  • What are the essential elements of a compelling website?
  • What does a photographer’s rep/agent do and when is the right time to find one?What are the best ways…

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