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Previous LPF Exhibitor gets solo exhibition!

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Andrew Hawkes, a previous exhibitor at the London Photo Festival and successful seller has go on to get his first solo show at The Strand Gallery in London:

‘”I can actually say this first solo exhibition is all down to exhibiting at the London Photo festival. I was like a “normal” photographer taking photos and leaving them on their hard drive and just showing the photos to my friends, family and work mates who was telling me that the photos was good enough to sell. Then I saw an ad for your first exhibition and thought I would like to enter a photo but didn’t have the confidence to enter. With people still telling me to do it I then put some photos into your second exhibition. I was very shocked when you tweeted that I’ve sold one then selling a second one on the final day.  It has been a great learning experience for me.”

Andrew’s exhibition will run from  14th October – 19th October at The Strand Gallery, John Adams Street, London WC2N 6BP.

© Andrew Hawkes Light Streaks into London

© Andrew Hawkes Light Streaks into London


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