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In years gone by, travel was more about pilgrimage as a religious journey with pilgrims seeking a change in their lives. Then there was the Grand Tour with the elite classes indulging on educational and cultural expeditions. Nowadays travel is all about escape, experience and discovery in the hope we can leave something behind as we explore unfamiliar lands, forging new memories and learning that bit more about ourselves.

This interactive evening workshop explores how the communication industry uses travel imagery as a means to communicate these ideas and emotions. We’ll explore:

  • What type of imagery is most commonly sought after and why?
  • What are the markets for travel imagery?
  • How does advertising uses travel imagery?
  • What are the attributes of successful commercial travel images?
  • How can images get seen and ideally used?

When: 16th October 2014

Times: 6.30pm – 9.30 pm (including half hour ‘meet and mingle’ at the end)

Where: The Crypt, Borough High Street, London SE1 1JA

Cost: Previous exhibitors (including October 2014) £25; non-exhibitors  £35

Places are limited and early booking is advised.

Zoe Whishaw is a Commercial Photography Consultant and mentor providing creative direction and strategic advice for photographers and photo agencies ( She is an expert in the visual language of stills photography within commercial contexts and she has judged international photography competitions, including Wildlife Photographer of the Year, STA Travel Photo Competition, the Association of Photographers Open Awards and the 2011 annual Association of Photographers Awards and the London Photo Festival, October 2013.

© Roberta Facchini

© Roberta Facchini


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