The public have spoken! The f/Factor October 2014 winner is…….

Laura McGregor with her image of Tower Bridge – congratulations Laura!

Second:  Andrea Massara ‘Butt of Lewis Lighthouse’

Third: Debbie Jaye ‘Un Paysagede Saisons’

Other high scores (and in no particular order)

Tony Sellen ‘The Ghost’

Lester Velazquez ‘Himalayas’

Amy Robinson ‘All washed up’

Asmita Kapadia ‘Silence’

Debbie Jaye ‘Ombres’

SImon Hadleigh Sparks ‘If it doesn’t exit’

Laura McGregor ‘Autumn Colour’

Debbie Jaye ‘Payage Urbain’

Stuart Arnold ‘Passing Storn’

Rachael Taibart ‘Fistral 2’

Scott Sampson ‘Solitude’

Kimberley Anderson ‘ Twelve Apostles’

Tony Antoniou ‘Island Reflections’

Steven Marley ‘New York’

Anthony March ‘Havana’

Michelle Mason Walker ‘Bighton’

Paul Bate ‘Swan Lake’

Mark Heathcote ‘Mist Opportunity’

Jennifer Bunnett ‘Twisted Path’

Neil Ferrigan ‘Twists and Turns’

Sue Roche ‘Blue Bells’

Rik Moran ‘I don’t care…’

Valerie Boissel ‘Symmetry’

Max Petrossi ‘Where the light lives’

Barbara Nobis ‘Path’

Olly Scott ‘Deep Cover’

Andrea Fusco ‘The Mirror’


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