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Michelle was our Click ‘n Clique photographer for October: read her amazing story

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A proud survivor. I’m a self taught amateur photographer two decades in the making. After a subarachnoid haemorrhage broke my brain, I had no other choice than to design a new me. There was simply no other option. One unexpected moment in time changed my life forever. One minute all that I knew fell away into a chasm. My life and my brain were in pieces, scattered far and wide. But…

I’m now 35 years old and it is two years on from the demise of the old Michelle. Here I remain with a zest for life and creativity. The scattered pieces have been painstakingly glued back together and my life is complete once more.

The desire to express my passion for visual art had always lain dormant within me. However the bleed on my brain merely acted as a trigger to unleash that vision. My fractured brain fiercely fought against the change. Still to this day it throws spanners into works that pre haemorrhage I had no idea had even existed. With my brain in full recovery mode, my attempts to heighten my own sense of self worth led to the opening of my own studio.

I decided that my own shot in the arm would take the form of picturing people’s perfect memories, whatever they may be. From that point on there would be no looking back, only forward into a bright new future. It would be hard, but the determination to succeed seemed to be fired by my now scarred brain.

I learnt so much about myself through my own health related issues and now I intend to share a new found thirst for living by seeing the joy in the world around me. It was once my dream to capture the dreams of others. That dream is now a reality and I cherish each and every one. Whether my pictures are portraits, still life or merely moments in time captured in the essence of a moment, they are all very special to me for a variety of different reasons.

My experience of the London Photo Festival was amazing I felt like a rabbit in headlights as it was a very overwhelming experience after always thinking I am not good enough.  Then having such amazing feedback from so many people as well as getting great advice, I am looking to expand from just taking pictures of people and it is thanks to the LPF because it has opened my eyes to new possibilities and opportunities.

One unexpected moment in time led me to capture as many unexpected moments in time as my career will allow. Live for the day. I do and I love every single one. That tends to happen when you almost saw your last.

757 MichelleMasonWalker_WatergateBay_25.jpg


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