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Best in Show Winner: We speak to Simon Hadleigh Sparks

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Thank you again for the honour and opportunity.
As you recall, I arrived late to the Private View and the first thing I saw was a sticker next to my photo and I was in a state of disbelief until I found the organisers to clarify what had happened.
What makes the whole thing more of a story is that I only had an image at the Festival because I won a place to show one image via an Amateur Photographer magazine competition.  This was enough of a surprise to win the place and I had not planned any images for it so I contacted Emma from the London Photo Festival to ask what images would be suitable, and she asked for a few to view to select a suitable one.  I sent about 12 images and placed the winning image first in this selection having a feeling this is the one she would choose and she did!
This is the second plane I have done and they are very popular on Flickr where I live, I did about 4 and felt that was enough but have done more since.  The image was taken on Palmer Street off Victoria Street Westminster SW1H
I would like to express my thanks and appreciation to the lovely judge who saw something in my photo over all the other outstanding works.
Laura Noble, the director of LA Noble Galley was the judge for October 2014 and she had this to say:
“Being a judge for the London Photography Festival was a great honour. The high standard of work and variety of interpretations of the theme meant for a difficult choice when judging. Visitors really responded to the work displayed and it was wonderful to speak with the winners and participants about their photography. I really look forward to next year’s festival and the fascinating photography it will bring.”

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