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Our #FREE Retro Wall offer with @Polabora is now open to EVERYONE! #photography #LPF #London

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We are now offering EVERYONE  the chance to have one of their images exhibited FOR FREE at the Festival as a retro print (polariod-style), courtesy of our new supporter Polabora!  The images will be exhibited as part of a retro image wall, a first for the London Photo Festival.

To be eligible:- only one image per person and your image must fit the theme (architecture & street photography that captures an element of architecture)  The image must be:-

  • Square format
  • minimal 600×600 pixels, the more the better of course
  • Labelled Name your image: Your_Name.jpg

Email your image to: by 17th April 2015, with the email header as ‘Retro Wall Image’.  There are only 50 places, so hurry up!

The standard T&Cs of the London Photo Festival apply and by submitting your image, you accept the T&Cs.


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