London Photo Festival & London Photo Gallery

Reaches the parts other photography blogs don't…

Thank you to all our #photographers who participated in #cityscapes #festival #photography #London #LPF

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In no particular order: Rosa Vulf, Chiara Geravasi, Linda Wisdom, Angela Mohun, Anthony March, Francesco Marchetti, Paul Dubbelman, Coco Petter, Roy Smart, Khadijah Abdullah, Laura McGregor, Sarah Mangili-Vincent, Maria Razumovskaya, Lida Chaulet, Adonis Stevenson, Jacek Obloj, Rory Hassett, Davide Anastasia, Olly Scott, Leanne Bouvet, Nicola Albon, Louisa Lewis, Simon Reeder, Suzanne Muscat, Roger Jackson, Maren Schram, Fabienne Jung, Simon Hadleigh-Sparks, Stuart Cashmore, Joerg Karrenbauer, Mark Heathcote, Mark Paulda, Robin Baumgarten, Steven Marley, Phil Carey, Jone Vasaitis and Andrew Lalchan.  And last but not least, our two event photographers, Jonathan Taylor and Michelle Mason Walker.

We hope to see you all at next month’s London Photo Festival!


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