London Photo Festival & London Photo Gallery

Reaches the parts other photography blogs don't…

The f/Factor winner is…. @MattEmmett1 with his image ‘Subterranean Victorian Cistern’. Congratulations! #photography #londonphotofestival #LPF

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Matt Emmett_Subterranean Victorian Cistern web

2nd Place: Debbie Jaye Italiano Architecttura

3rd Place: Tony Sellen: We are Proud Individuals

Other high scorers (in no particular order):-

Phil Carey: Liquid Walls

Uwe Kosa: Pension Office

Adonis Stevenson: Symmetry in 4D

Michelle Mason-Walker: Remembrance

Leanne Bouvet: Shadow Play

Roy Smart: Lloyds Building

Suresh Seetharaman: Gopuram

Mark A Paulda: Jubilee

Uwe Kosa: Leisure Time

Matt Emmett: Ruined Colonnade

Debbie Jaye: The Palladian Archway

Andrew Lalchan: Ghosts of Piazza Del Duomo

Norman Hall: The Old Carpark

Estelle Vincent: The Reconstruction of Beirut

Constantino Listowski: Walk

Josh Chow: Clockwork Puzzle

Laura McGregor: Trellick Tower

Markus Eichenberger: Stars

Chiara Gerevasi: Round Tower

Christine Ongsiek: The Tulip Stairs

Helen Keech: Sea of Steps

Cesar Augusto Aizabaleta Sanchez: The Orange House

Michael Kirk: Akvarium

Richard Dickson: Aquatic Centre 2

Kelly Spruce: Brooklyn Bridge

Stuart Cashmore: City Curves

Maria Razumovskaya: Early Spring

Congratulations to everyone!


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