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We speak to Naf Selmani Winner Street Photography Competition

Winning this competition means a lot to me. I am honoured and delighted to be the winner of the London Photo Festival Street Photography – February 2016.

To have two images selected for the 3 month exhibition and one selected for the top 20 ‘Honourable Mention’ out of over 1,000 entries from over 36 countries is quite unbelievable.

I entered the competition not only because of what I heard about the London Photo Festival in showcasing up and coming talent and promoting photographers from around the globe, but also to better understand my craft and good storytelling. Photo contests give me an opportunity to curate my best work and ultimately push myself to compete with “the best”. To ask myself, “What have I done this past year?” It’s a chance to be introspective and analyse my work to help me make good decisions about creating better images and better stories.

Congratulations to all winners for their stunning street photography images from around the globe. Last but not least, a warm thank to the judges – it’s very rewarding to be recognised by such an esteemed panel – and the London Photo Festival, who have organised this wonderful street photography competition and the first of many.

Congratulations Naf and you can catch the exhibition at The Bridge Lounge and Dining Room near London Bridge until the 30th May 2016.


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We speak to Gary Perlmutter 2nd Runner Up Street Photography Competition

Street photography has been a passion of mine for longer than I choose to admit to and normally I just shoot for myself, as I enjoy spending a day out on the streets of London looking for opportunities.

However it’s always nice to get a chance to measure yourself against your peers. So when I saw the London Photo Festival launch a street photography competition on social media, I jumped at the chance to enter. I then forgot about it until it was announced that I was one of 20 finalists to be exhibited at the Bridge Lounge, near London Bridge, from over 1000 entries from all across the world.

Even more amazing was that at the preview launch evening it was I announced that I was 2nd runner up winning a trophy and a cash prize! I feel it an honour to have my work recognised in this way and it has inspired me on to go out and shoot more street photography whenever I get the opportunity.

Congratulations Gary and you can catch the exhibition at The Bridge Lounge and Dining Room near London Bridge until the 30th May 2016.


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Inspired by our recent street photography competition?

Congratulations to everyone entered our first Street-Photography competition and to the top 20 shortlisted exhibitors and the 3 winners.

If you have been inspired by the competition, then you are in luck because we are running another one!

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Winner of the £1000 prize money in our street photography competition is Naf Selmani shot on a Nikon D7100. Congratulations! London, United Kingdom

A reveller is lifted in front of the main stage during The Holi Festival Of Colours London at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in 2015. This day saw hundreds of revellers hurl packages of bright dye into the air as part of an outdoor music and dance festival.

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1st Runner up and winner of £300 in our street Photography competition is Pau Buscato. Congratulations London, United Kingdom

The image was taken in Oslo, Norway

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2nd Runner up and winner of £200 in our street Photography competition is Gary Perlmutter. Congratulations!

This photograph was taken in January 2015 having just bought a Fuji X-T1. This was one of my first to be taken with the camera and it was only a day old! The photo of the coffee shop can be found in Brushfield Street,London, United Kingdom. It was the symmetry in this photo that I love and also the questions it poses. Like are they two couples? The women look totally bored whilst the men are engaged in deep conversation, ignoring them.