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We are delighted to announce our judge for May’s Festival! @DragonflyComms #photograpy #London

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Vanessa Champion has been a photographer for over 20 years.

Ness is known for her work covering performing arts and craftspeople in particular, plus her work with NGOs in Africa, India, Nepal and Europe. “Everyone has a story, I love working with people to help convey their message, whether it is a remote community in Africa or a corporate industry here in the UK.”

Her own heritage in the theatre and the visual arts has given her a sensitivity and love for the performing and creative industries, whether that is an artisan blacksmith or stained glass maker or an opera troupe or stand up comic. Her portfolio includes Pavarotti, Rolls Royce, Corrigans Mayfair, lots of bands, actors, directors, producers, business professionals and corporate branding portfolio story-telling.

Vanessa is known for her black and white high contrast style reminiscent of the early Magnum photographers she loves so much, but she also shoots in colour capturing the atmosphere and story. She is also a writer and editor, often writing stories to accompany the photo story and you can see her work on her website



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