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Enter our new landscape photography competition.

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Save the date! 2017 Festival dates announced #photography #London

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And the public have spoken! The winners of the f/Factor competition are…..#photography #London #Londonphotofestival

In addition to asking a judge to vote for their favourite images at our Private View, we also invite the public to vote for their favourite image at the Festival.
The top three winners are:-
  1. Mache del Campo – Stars Walking
  2. Joe O’Brien – Impeachment
  3. Leanne Bouvet – Fetch
Congratulations to the top three winners!
Other high scorers were and in no order:-
Laura Fitzpatrick – Streetlamp
Karandeep Bhogal – Comforts
Sola Prosser – Why Hello There
Hannah Teare – Let The Wild Rumpus Start
Margherita Von Aulock – Olivia
Anita Chandra – Dust Devils
Jenifer Bunnett – Impartity
Joe O’Brien – Resistance
Fang Tong – Motel
Filipe Bianchi – Waterfall Cambodia
Jilna Shukla – Taking a Break
Celina Cabezas – Brown Ashes
Giorgio Chianello – Iron Sky
Belen Yuste – Wet Hoof
Caz Dyer – The Isle of Grain
Natasha Bennett – Flight Over Water
Helena Sikk – Air
Tony Sellen – Bright Idea
Stuart Cashmore – Copenhagen Reflection 2
Mark Heathcote – Humdrum Town
Kathleen Gulley – Salmon Street
Congratulations to all the exhibitors!

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Exhibitor Hansika Jethnani tells us about the process behind her #photographs #London #londonphotofestival

In my series intractable, I let the 4 elements (water, earth, fire and air) control the polaroids I have photographed. I simply take the polaroid, the act of the elements ‘destroying’ or ‘creating’ it, giving it life and its own essence is what is crucial as opposed to the fact I took a polaroid. The elements are an ontological approach to my comprehension of existence. Using the notion of abstraction, which is ideally a portrayal of the inner states and the invisible, I have attempted to re-examine an aspect of existence, while experimenting with form and materiality of the elements. This led to experiments with different processes although of the same element. For fire, I let the polaroid develop in the microwave or with a lighter. For water, I let the polaroid run under the tap. By using the elements to control the images, I have hoped to ‘destroy’ and get rid of essentially what’s ‘important’ in the photograph.

Is it still a photograph of me if you cannot see it anymore? I questioned not just the nature of existence as a whole but the nature of existence in a photograph, especially the polaroid since it is known to encapsulate a moment just as it is.

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We hear from Anne R. Hoerter 1st Runner Up Abstract/Fine Art #photcontest May 2016 #photography #London

I have always been fascinated with the negative/positive space and the movement of plants.  This fascination has helped me to survive in an environment of domestic abuse. It has allowed me to find strength and recognize my determination to leave something bad and to reach for something good.
My work takes months to complete because I first disassemble the plant, photograph each piece with a variety of photographic methods and then reassemble the pieces together. The final image can have anywhere from up to 50 single images. With this process the distinct character of each plant species seem to breathe and move. They develop their own visual character.

1st Runner Up

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We hear from @TS446photo 2nd Runner Up Abstract/Fine Art #photcontest May 2016 #photography #London

Tony Sellen is a self-taught, award-winning photographer. He is passionate about fine art, long exposure images and, based in London, the City is where Tony finds most of his inspiration. Tony set up his own website ( ) to display his work and is also now successfully selling limited edition prints through it. London Fine Art Photography has images of London, other cities from around the world, seascapes, landscapes and nature. Tony travels extensively with his camera always at the ready, capturing whatever the world has to offer. Always looking to progress as a photographer, exhibiting and entering competitions is a great way to gage progression. Having previously exhibited at London Photo Festival, it was a great opportunity to have the chance of entering the Abstract / Fine Art photo competition.

Tony was delighted that his two photographs ‘Bright Idea’ and ‘Can’t See The Sea’ were selected in the 20 finalists. With ‘Bright Idea’ taking the 2 nd Runner Up spot. The photograph was of a spiral staircase taken in the city of Prague, Czech Republic. From the bottom looking up it takes a fabulous light bulb shape with the light shining through the windows on the top floor.


2nd Runner Up

You can see more of Tony’s work at:





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We hear from @RTalibart 2nd Runner Up May 2016 #photography #London

Rachael Talibart is a fine art photographer. Growing up in a yachting family, much of her early childhood was spent at sea. This has left her with a life-long fascination for the ocean in all its forms, but especially in stormy weather, and this is reflected in her work. For Rachael, nothing beats a day on an empty shore, and the wilder the weather the better. Rachael’s photographs have been published in books and both print and online magazines and have been exhibited widely in the UK as well as Barcelona and New York. She was recently described in Outdoor Photography Magazine as one of ‘the best outdoor photographers working in the UK today’, a ‘landscape master’ (June 2016 issue). Rachael is also co-founder of f11 Workshops, providing photography day tours and workshops in Surrey, Sussex and London.  Rachael entered the London Photo Festival because she believes in supporting local events and working with emerging photographers.


My image, ‘Tempest’, was created in Brittany but it could have been anywhere.  I like to make photographs that are not representational of any one place but are, instead, more about mood and atmosphere.  I used creative techniques including ICM (intentional camera movement) to make a photograph with a painterly look.