We hear from @framafo winner Abstract/Fine Art #photocontest May 2016 #photography #London

About the image: stadtbaum#8
It is part of my long term project ‘multiexpo’ especially a part a side-project called ‘stadtbaum’. ‘stadtbaum’ means tree in the city.  In this series I show analogue multiple exposures of European city sightseeing hotspots photographed from several positions on one frame. The buildings, structures and sculptures are taken from different perspectives, as well as the different visitors they look. The multiplication and intensification of positions and fields of view appears to distort the structures and reduce them to their core. They literally vibrate under the attempt to capture the time even in the pictures.
Frank Machalowski a photographic artist and photographer, born in Berlin who lives and work in Leipzig. After studying economics in Berlin and applying himself to various trades he worked as a freelance photographer and artist since 2011. He first got into photography as a hobby and at the beginning he was mainly into digital photography, but then started shifting back to film as he found the charming characteristics and atmosphere of film photography to be more fascinating. Today he develops and prints some of his own work. His major areas of interest are the city and the countryside, these two opposite fields with all their major differences and their potential for a perfect interaction become more and more attractive to him.  Some photographs of his series ‘monster’, ‘multiexpo’ and ‘tierwald’ were shown in Germany, France, USA, Spain, UK and Italy at renowned galleries and festivals. He is part of a permanent collection of the Bibliotheque nationale de France in Paris.

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