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We hear from @markusphotos 1st Runner Up May 2016 #photography #London

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Markus is a multi-award winning photographer and filmmaker. He has travelled over 80 countries so far to fulfil his passion to capture the beauty of our planet.
I hired a car and guide to travel through the biggest salt desert in the world, Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia. To capture the vast landscape I used a fish eye lens.
For more information:
Why I entered the festival:
It is the second time that I participate in the festival. I like the atmosphere of the event and the high quality imagery that can be seen here. It is a great place for inspiration for me and also a good place to catch up with other photographers.
You can see Markus’ images at the Festival 19-21 May.

One thought on “We hear from @markusphotos 1st Runner Up May 2016 #photography #London

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