And the public have spoken! The winners of the f/Factor competition are…..#photography #London #Londonphotofestival

In addition to asking a judge to vote for their favourite images at our Private View, we also invite the public to vote for their favourite image at the Festival.
The top three winners are:-
  1. Mache del Campo – Stars Walking
  2. Joe O’Brien – Impeachment
  3. Leanne Bouvet – Fetch
Congratulations to the top three winners!
Other high scorers were and in no order:-
Laura Fitzpatrick – Streetlamp
Karandeep Bhogal – Comforts
Sola Prosser – Why Hello There
Hannah Teare – Let The Wild Rumpus Start
Margherita Von Aulock – Olivia
Anita Chandra – Dust Devils
Jenifer Bunnett – Impartity
Joe O’Brien – Resistance
Fang Tong – Motel
Filipe Bianchi – Waterfall Cambodia
Jilna Shukla – Taking a Break
Celina Cabezas – Brown Ashes
Giorgio Chianello – Iron Sky
Belen Yuste – Wet Hoof
Caz Dyer – The Isle of Grain
Natasha Bennett – Flight Over Water
Helena Sikk – Air
Tony Sellen – Bright Idea
Stuart Cashmore – Copenhagen Reflection 2
Mark Heathcote – Humdrum Town
Kathleen Gulley – Salmon Street
Congratulations to all the exhibitors!

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