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Winner of our #landscape #photography competition is announced! #London #photocontest #norway

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Congratulations to Stian Nesoy who has won our Landscape Photography Competition with his image ‘Starry Night’.  You can see his image, the two runners up and the top 20 selected images at The Bridge Lounge in London from 26 September to early 2017.

These unique ice crystals were captured on a frozen river the high mountains of Norway’s west, winter of 2016. The image was shot in the narrow window of time between the river freezing over, but before snow blanketed the landscape. All while open water was found nearby, allowing the hoarfrost conditions needed to form the crystals. Seen here the crystals were at the largest I’ve seen before snow covered them.

In order to accurately capture the scene in faint moonlight, it was necessary to capture many focus points across the scene along with varying exposure times. All of which was painstakingly put together in post processing of the image.



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