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We are delighted to announce the honourable mentions in our #architecture competition! #London #photography

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A big thank you to our judge, Johnny Kerr, for selecting the winners, honourable mentions and the top images for exhibition in our first architecture competition of the year.  We had over 250 entries from around the world and it’s always great to see familiar names along with new artists! We’ll announce the exhibition dates in due course.

Honorable Mentions (in no particular order)

“Happy Arches” or “Bridge” / Elisabeth Greve

The intentional camera movement in both images puts the subject matter in a different realm altogether. The hazy transition between tones and colours contributes to the whimsical abstraction of oft-photographed subject matter, translating these rigid structures into expressions of fluid movement.

“Copenhagen Reflection 4” and “Copenhagen Reflection 5” / Stuart Cashmore

Both pieces feature rich but not heavy-handed colour schemes. The complexity of detail in the textures of the façade and the complementary structures reflected in the windows have been wonderfully composed. Rather than sensory overload the careful composition brings order and stability, pointing out interesting relationships between the wavy, organic reflections and the linear details of the brickwork.

“The Line That Divides” / Neringa Paskeviciute

“The Line That Divides” presents an array of interesting contrasts. The stark, graphic architecture on the left features strong contrasting tones and stands in dramatic opposition to the softer, subtle tones and organic forms in the clouds on the right. In the middle a light post mediates between the two, contributing tension and implied symmetry to create strong visual pull. The icing on the cake is the one missing glass pane in the lantern to perfectly contrast the deepest shadow against the bright wall and reinforce the implied line between the two halves of the image.





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