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We are delighted to announce the winners in our #architecture competition! #London #photography

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A big thank you to our judge, Johnny Kerr, for selecting the winners, honourable mentions and the top images for exhibition in our first architecture competition of the year.  We had over 250 entries from around the world and it’s always great to see familiar names along with new artists! We’ll announce the exhibition dates in due course.

Selected for exhibition in London (no particular order):-

“The Spider” / Andrea Fabrizi

“Around Paris 2” / Bertrand Bagnaud

“Fluorescent Subway” / Bruce Collingwood

“Axel Tower” / Chiara Gerevasi

“Southbank London” / Coco Petter

“The Shard In A Pond” / John Bussy

“White Space” / Jonathan Herbert

“Chateau Ruins” / Matthew Emmett

“Lines” / Nichola Breen

“B” / Nicola Morittu

“Contrast of Time” / Philip Moore

“Final Destination” / Sandra Wilks

“Relax In the City Redux” / Simon Hadleigh-Sparks

“Future” / Siyuan Ma


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