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Featured Festival Photographer:-
Zorica Purlija won a place in the Festival on Instagram and is our first exhibitor from Sydney, Australia.
Zorica migrated age 8 from Montenegro to Australia in 1972: a country where she could not speak the language.
As she learned to live in a different culture, she observed that the nuances of human interaction often were more revealing than the words.
Since 1999, Zorica has been pursuing her artistic vision through the medium of photography.
Initially pursuing themes of beauty, longing and the human experience through photographic portraiture, Zorica developed a unique ability to capture the essence of her subjects, beginning (and continuing) with a series of portraits of her muse, Yumi.
More recently in addition to her portrait work, Zorica has been pursuing less figurative subjects, incorporating ethereal elements of landscape, and everyday objects seen in new ways.
You can see her image at the Festival 17-19 May 2018.
ZoricaPurlija_Tatoo guy Tiergarten Markets web

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