London Photo Gallery Featured Photographer: Stuart Cashmore #photography #london #londonphotofestival #atlanta #londonphotogallery

Of all of the pictures I have taken this is my personal favourite. I woke early one Sunday morning in a hotel in downtown Atlanta, looked out of the window and this scene greeted my eye. From a technical perspective it’s probably not the best – it was taken on an inexpensive compact camera through a dirty window. However I love the stark “canyon” which the buildings create, their near monchrome countered by the bright red of the solitary car. If this picture had been deliberately posed it couldn’t have been better.

Stuart is a regular exhibitor at the London Photo Festival and went on to successfully exhibit this image at the Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition.

Stuart will be joining 20 other photographers for a group exhibition at Harris + Hoole in Twickenham for 3 months from 10 November.

Downtown Atlanta, Sunday morning
Downtown Atlanta, Sunday morning

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