Our Around the World #photography #competition winners are announced! #london #exhibition

Filip Hammarlund_Lostupside-down_Barcode_DowntownOslo 1

Image Credit: Filip Alexander Hammarlund 1st Place

We are ready to announce the winners of our ‘World Around Us’ photography competition!

Congratulations to everyone who entered, as usual we had a high standard of entries. We asked the Sam, the manager of Harris + Hoodle in Twickenham, to select his top three winning images. We then selected our favourites for exhibition – a total of 30 images will be displayed in Harris + Hoodle in Twickenham for three months (dates TBC)

Abhishek Khanna (LPF Honourable Mention)
Anand Tripathi
Anna Daverio (LPF Honourable Mention)
Ashley Comer
Filip Alexander Hammarlund 1st Place
Francesco D’Alonzo
Francesco Gioia
Francis Meslet
Gabriele Merlo
Ian Gilmour
Jamie Johnson
Jason Freeman
Jekabs Silacerps (LPF Honourable Mention)
Leticia Yamazaki Liparachi Knudsen
Marcin Giba
Mark Renouf
Martha Nance 3rd Place
Michele Palazzo (LPF Honourable Mention)
Mona Myklebust (LPF Honourable Mention)
Nuno Serrão
Omri Shomer
Phil Donohue
Robert J Nicholas
Robert Lie
Stephen Reeves 2nd Place
Tatiana Navitskaya
Theresa Papas
Theunis Viljoen
Veronica Romanenghi
Yaopey Yong
Yul Kim

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