Abstract Photography competition winners announced! #photography #competitions #abstractphotography

We are delighted to announce the winners and exhibitors of our abstract photography competition. The standard was so high that we’ve opened up 5 more exhibition places!

1st – Maureen Miller
2nd – Vincent Dupont-Blackshaw
3rd – Sami Voutilainen

Honourable Mentions:

Patrick Zélis
Allen Koshewa
Candace Simmons

All 35 images will be exhibited at Harris+Hoole in Twickenham London from 9 September for three months.  You can see the winning images here.

Congratulations everyone!


Winner Maureen Miller:

This photograph is a (digital) manipulation of an image showing the partial ornamental exterior of a public library in Chicago, Illinois.  The light and form attracted my eye.  In post-production, its ribbon-like shapes, varied surfaces and elegant fannings evoked a beautiful language of artistic interplay to me.  The form’s symmetrical balance against the pale, white-gray Chicago sky appeared ethereal; speaking the essence of the building it adorned.  A library.  The language of art proving, timelessly, to be as significant as the language of words.  Literacy, indeed, comes in many forms.

To have my photograph included in the London Photo Festival is an honor I value, deeply.  It is imperative for photographers and all artists to express their creativity and share their voices with others.  The London Photo Festival gives that amazing opportunity to photographers across the globe!  I have found my experience to be one I shall benefit from, greatly – personally and professionally.  Thanks to the London Photo Festival, I have received a measure of support for my photography that exceeded far beyond expectation.  I am sincerely grateful to be able to be part of such an outstanding event; one which recognizes photographers for their efforts and provides ongoing opportunities for their work to be shown to the world.  Thank you London Photo Festival!


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