My passion for street photography during Covid-19

We speak to Kant Rathod, long time LPF exhibitor and supporter, about his passion for street photography and how the COVID-19 Pandemic helped increase his creativity & productivity. 

My name is Kant Rathod, I am a self-taught street photographer, having photography running through my veins for over 30 years. I capture images with strong composition, light and place with one creative manifesto in mind, ‘It’s not what you see, but how you see it.’ With lockdowns and restrictions in place since the Covid-19 outbreak in the UK, my street photography productivity flourished during these unusual times, garnering particular attention from Fujifilm UK, including having my work featured and recognised on their social media feeds, a number of interviews and also winning a prestigious photography competition, the prize, being a limited edition camera. Also, throughout the lockdown period I began to produce a number of self-published photography projects, having a background in graphic design helped bring the projects to realisation.

During the first lockdown in March 2020, I produced a book called The Isolated Streets about my thoughts on isolation and social distancing, buzz words which were being placed into the UK’s narrative. Illustrated through words and photography. The book gained very positive reviews being featured on a few notable photography websites and podcasts. Once lockdown eased and a tier system was put in place, I started shooting on the streets again. The time away had given me renewed energy, creativity and vigour.

During late summer, early autumn 2020, I began to notice people on the streets wearing face coverings. Although not mandatory, perhaps they gave an added reassurance to protect themselves and others. Somewhat baffled by this I decided to document into a follow up book to The Isolated Streets called The Masked Streets. After producing The Masked Streets, I began work on another passion project, Raw Streets Ldn. A collection of images captured on the streets of London spanning over 10 years, All the images were captured on a compact 8 million pixel camera. I plan to make my self published projects available to purchase very soon via a web shop. I feel my hunger for shooting on the streets has not waned during these uncertain times and feel my passion is stronger than ever despite lockdown after lockdown. I have several self-published projects currently in development. I recently shot in my local area due to the current lockdown restrictions and this led to the evolution of a project called Park Life, a newspaper style zine of my local park capturing everyday life.

My passion and love for shooting on the streets and self-published work has been the perfect tonic for my mental health and well-being during these times. Despite having my wings clipped like many photographers last March, I never gave up and the creative energy and passion was the driving force to motivate the inner self and not wallow in self-pity and despair. 

Image credit: Kant Rathod


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