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Awagami Factory sponsor prize at the London Photo Festival #photography #London #exhibitions

We are honoured to welcome Awagami Factory as a sponsor of the London Photo Festival.

‘Awagami Factory’ is a registered brand name for Japanese papers produced by the Fujimori family in Tokushima, Japan. For over 300 years, the family has been making fine washi paper for discerning artists, worldwide. Awagami produces a wide range of fine art, decorative and conservation papers using eco-friendly renewable fibers. The mill also maintains a washi paper museum, runs workshops and artist residencies in an ongoing effort to educate and preserve this most time-honoured Japanese craft.

Awagami Inkjet Washi “A.I.J.P” are revolutionary washi (Japanese papers) for high quality inkjet prints suitable for photographers, artists & designers.  AIJP washi papers use organic Japanese fibers to insure museum quality art and reproduction prints.  The papers have been specially made (and coated) at Awagami solely for inkjet and each sheet faithfully retains the unique texture of traditional Japanese washi.

Welcome to the London Photo Festival and we look forward to working with you!





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We speak to Tony Sellen @TS446photo 2nd runner up in our #architecture #photocontest #photography #Londony

The High and The Mighty

This photo of St Paul’s Cathedral and The Millennium Bridge was taken the day after the super moon, the large full moon had made the tide higher than I’d ever seen it before. There was some beautiful light from the low winter sun lighting up the Cathedrals dome and making the high water shimmer. It’s a popular subject for most photographers due to having two very iconic London structures so close to each other. Sir Christopher Wren’s 17th century English Baroque architecture still dominates the London skyline while the modern Millennium Bridge adds some sleek metallic lines reaching across the river.



Let’s Go Round Again

Contrasting shapes and tones is what caught my attention to take this photo. The bright curves and the dark straight edges surrounding it, both brought together with the reflection in the window. Modern interior architecture at its best.



Tony is a self-taught photographer shooting with Nikon cameras. He is passionate about fine art, long exposure images and, based in London, The City is where he finds most of his inspiration. The theme architecture for London Photo Festivals competition was ideal for his style of photography. Being a previous competition runner up in London Photo Festival competitions, it’s a great achievement to once again have images selected in the top three.

You can see more of his work on his website www.LondonFineArtPhotography and his recently launched Facebook page


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We speak to 1st Runner Up George Digalakis #photography #Athens #Greece #landscapephotography #photocontest


George Digalakis was born and raised in Athens, Greece, where he still lives today. His first contact with photography was back in 1974, when he received a “Nettar” as a gift from his father. However, it was only in 2011 when he first studied photography at “Photoeidolo”, and became acquainted with classic and contemporary photographers, that he realized this medium would offer him a gateway from reality, and enable him to express his inner world.His true love for the art of photography was finally conveyed.

“The reason I took part in the competition, is the opportunity to show my work in London, one of the major cultural centers in Europe. The fact that I did win the 2nd prize, gives me confidence and  is a great encouragement to continue my efforts in creating beautiful images.”

You can see more of his work here.


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1st Runner Up of our #landscape #photography competition is announced! #London #photocontest

Congratulations to George Digalakis who is 1st Runner Up in our Landscape Photography Competition with his image ‘Trees with Birds’.  You can see his image, the two runners up and the top 20 selected images at The Bridge Lounge in London from 26 September to early 2017.


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We have four competitions/collaborations

We have four competitions/collaborations for you to get involved in! See our website for all details
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We speak to @paubuscato the winner of our 2nd #streetphotography #photocontest #London #photography

I decided to participate in the competition when I saw it was being judged by Paul Russell, a renowned street photographer and member of iN-PUBLiC. I have always enjoyed his images, so British and with that subtle sense of humour, so being picked by him as the winner made it even more special.
This photo was taken in Oslo in June 2015, right in front of the construction site of the new Deichman library and very close to the opera building, one of the main tourist attractions in the city. I thought the scene looked quite odd and I was lucky we had a cloudy grey sky that matched with the rest of the scene colours. It was taken with a Fuji X100T.
You can see the exhibition at The Bridge Lounge until October.
01_Pau Buscato DSCF3534