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Congratulations to Jacek Obloj 1st Runner Up #LPF October 2013 on being a winner #streetphotography #competition @LeicaRumors #photography

Jacek exhibited at our October 2013 Festival and came a well deserved 1st Runner Up with his incredible image of a tailor at work in London and now one of his images has been selected as the final 20 street photography images to be exhibited at the Leica Gallery in Warsaw.

“The London Photo Festival gave me a chance to exhibit my work for the first time to a wider audience. I was so happy that actually my picture won 1st runner up prize! Everything was so well organised, audience was great and I made many friends.”

Congratulations to Jacek and we hope to see you back at the Festival one day!

Jacek’s winning image:-

jacek 2

Why not enter our street photography competition. Cash prizes and an exhibition are up for grabs – details here


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Another previous exhibitor gets solo show!

Congratulations to Mark Paulda, a previous London Photo Festival exhibitor and also one of the photographers exhibiting at the London Photo Gallery’s up and coming exhibition at Bridge Lounge, on his solo show.

The solo exhibition of his Bhutan images opens 16 August at University of Texas Centennial Museum as part of the university’s 100 year celebration.
The opening is Saturday, 16 August 2014 at 2pm and the exhibition runs until 25 October 2014.

Paulda_Bhutan Exhibition

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Where are they now? Nico Goodden f/Factor winner 2011

A little over 3 years in photography, the inaugural London Photo Festival back in October 2011 was my first chance to exhibit my work.
The cost was reasonable and the organization was professional and I found it to be a real stepping stone. It was encouraging that my photo, Anatomica, received the f/Factor or public vote for best in the show.


As a first opportunity to showcase my work it taught me how to choose the right piece to exhibit, how to choose a printing company as there are so many out there and how to price your work. Seeing the reactions of people to your work is also great, or sometimes the lack of reaction, either way it tells you a lot. You can’t learn this when showing your work online. Whatever the outcome, it’s a lesson.

Since then I have worked hard to develop a large portfolio of quality photographs as well as a professional looking website. I have a very strong social media campaign mainly via Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and a blog. All this, plus many well crafted emails, has put my work in front of people in the industry who decided to believe in my potential and helped, most of the time because I had the courage to simply ask.

February 2013, about 14 months later, I had my first solo show which lasted 6 weeks, then had another one in the summer sponsored by Olympus and since lots of features including Londonist, ViewLondon, Olympus Magazine, Street Photography Magazine and many more.

I’m only 5 years into my photographic journey and can’t imagine what this year has in store for me.

So go on, get your work out there, don’t wait for anyone to make decisions for you, don’t waste time wondering if you should.

Life’s too short and the worse that can happen are regrets for never doing it.

Nico is now running:

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Where are they now? Karolin Schwab – Winner Best in Show October 2011

Karolin won Best in Show of the inaugural London Photo Festival in October 2011. We catch up with her to find out what she is doing now and how participating in the Festival helped shape her photographic path:-

It’s been some time now since I have been part of the fantastic London Photo Festival, but my memories of it are still quite vivid. I heard about the LPF from one of my teachers at University in Germany, where I was studying for a Teacher’s degree in Fine Art. Since I was planning to spend a semester abroad in London anyway and now found out there would be a chance to exhibit my work, I didn’t hesitate a second and booked my space.

So finally the big day of the Private View came and I remember walking around the exhibition thinking “damn, there are some really good photographers in this show, who really know how to use their camera.” A little bit embarrassed about my own photo, I tried to look at the positive sides like I got to meet a lot of interesting people and generally the whole experience of exhibition practice was very helpful. So, as I was in company of nice people and good wine, you can imagine how I surprised I was, when suddenly my name was called out for “Best in Show”.

I didn’t expect it at all (I can’t emphasize this enough!) and I think it actually took me a few days to realize everything. Also the fact that my picture got sold straight from the show seemed very unreal at first. It was all too good. I’m still in touch with the Swedish collector who bought my piece and it’s such a nice thing to know my photo is now hanging miles away in somebody else’s living room. Still, what was even more important to me – that night, after winning the award, my boosted ego decided to take my career as an artist seriously, I quit my studies in Germany and stayed in London and finished my Fine Art degree there.

Looking back, there isn’t much to say other than: it has been the best decision I’ve ever made. After two wonderful years full of art, putting up and taking down many more shows and finally graduating from University, I am know back in Germany (Berlin) dividing my time between working for a gallery and concentrating on my own art work. The next show in London for this year is just around the corner ( and shortly after that I will do a two week artist residency.

Nothing left to say other than life is good. In fact, it’s great and I really have to thank everyone from the LPF, without whom all this might have never happened.

© Karolin Schwab