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Congratulations to our Best in Show winner Daniel Bradley #photography #london #londonphotofestival

Congratulations to Daniel Bradley, our Best in Show Winner 2018.

Daniel Bradley is a photography graduate who focuses his work on using lighting in the streets to produce impacting and powerful images that form an atmosphere for the viewer.

Taken Canary Wharf, the image looks to express the loneliness and isolation we can feel. It shows how even in a vastly populated area surrounded by people we can still feel alone and in the dark.



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We speak to Best in Show winner @iamHenryRice #photography #London #londonphotofestival

A question that has amused me: if it’s more enjoyable to take a photo or to show it?

I entered Osaka into the London Photo Festival, the first time this image has ever been seen in public. When I left university last year, I then went on a trip across Japan and South Korea, while travelling I continued a body of work entitled “Mapping” which explored the memory of a place using photos from the same location and day. The body of work came about when I was trying to find an image to use as my screen saver that encapsulated a trip to Canada I when on and no one image could achieve this. I then weaved several images together and eureka! When I saw the London Photo Festival with the theme of travel it seemed perfect.

When you’re an emerging artist trying to make a living out of what you do and love it, it can be incredibly difficult. Photographers who are already established have networks to get new work out to the public. The London Photo Festival provided an invaluable service, to allow for those images that photographers are excited and confident about to be enjoyed by the public. I think this is one of the biggest hurdles to overcome if you’re trying to make photography a career. This is a chance to exhibit in London, the vibrant pulsating heart of the UK, and one of the world’s most renowned cities. The show is nestled in a beautiful part of central London, the exhibition itself was inside the crypt of St George the Martyr’s Church, a quirky setting contrasting the old architecture with the clean white walls of the gallery space.

To be selective as Best in Show is a fantastic feeling, it was my birthday and I was with my family and friends, then to be told I had won Best in Show was a massive surprise. It’s great to be part of a show where the quality is so high and makes you feel even more proud to be achieve Best in Show. I have been given an impressive supply of Awagami Paper that I have a couple of idea that could use this material that I think will be quite wired, but I think people will get a buzz from it.

I encourage photographers to be bold, go out and try any opportunity that is available. As you you can’t predict where it will take you.


If you enjoy my work please look at my website

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Best in Show winner #londonphotofestival @iamHenryRice #Japan #Osaka #London

Henry Rice



I have tried to encapsulate what it is to remember a place; the journey that was undertaken, the sights, the sounds, the memory. The memory however is never a clear image or a solid static representation, it twists and warps over time.


Henry Rice is a fine art photographer and traveller. The series mapping is exploring memory of a place.

Private View-109

Henry Rice is a fine art photographer and traveller. The series mapping is exploring memory of a place.

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We hear from @kdeep7 Best in Show May 2016 #photography #London

It’s amazing what you can find on the internet once you’ve finally ‘completed’ Facebook (and no, it’s not what you’re thinking).  I was sat in bed last week and I stumbled across a link that took me to the London Photo Festival’s website; it looks like it’s been running for a while and it attracts a fairly healthy following.

Now, when I decide to do something that requires me to put myself out there I normally think about it long enough for the self doubt to talk me out of it; however, being ill, sat in bed for hours on end and loaded on all sorts of painkillers apparently gives you the same sort of confidence you find when you’re cutting shapes on the dance floor on a shady Friday night.

Having received confirmation of my entry, the fear starts to set in; I find out that the theme is ‘the four elements’ and I need to submit the photo within a week.  After a quick Pinterest search and scrolling through hundreds of conceptual photos I immediately start to regret my decision, this is not my style at all; I like taking pictures of people doing weird stuff or looking a bit edgy.  A few more photos scroll by and I come across a pretty cool photo of Steve McQueen smoking in a bath tub with a very attractive lady friend – gives you an idea of what inspires me.

I immediately message a friend that I feel I can easily persuade to have some photos taken whilst potentially being semi-nude; 5 minutes later and she’s said yes.

D-day… it’s immediately obvious that we’re both super apprehensive about the whole situation – why did we ever think this was going to be an easy ‘thing’?  We take a few test shots for lighting and positions and she goes her way; we both know that we won’t be doing the semi-nude shoot that’s for sure.

This leaves me without a model and about 3 days left to take and submit a photo.  I decide to jump in the bath myself and this was the result.

Going back to the theme for the exhibition, the four elements could be interpreted through different items and focal points in the photo (tedious links so bear with me); air and fire through the cigarette and lighter, water through the bath tub and earth from the view through the window.  The pitch to the exhibition is that this image symbolises how mankind has harnessed these four elements to make ‘comforts’ out of them…”
A bit about me…
I work as a programme supervisor in Design at Jaguar Land Rover, it’s my responsibility to bring to reality all the cool sketches you see car designers draw; it also means that I’m surrounded by creatives whom I get to see express their skill in their everyday work.  My outlet however has felt a little stifled, or rather non-existent recently and having found myself with a lot of spare time in the past few months, I decided to pick up the camera and start a blog in order to revive that creative outlet and in the hope that maybe someday I could work as a professional photographer.

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Our judge @WillScottPhoto had a hard task this evening – too many great images to choose from but his selection was….#photography #London #architecture #LPF

Better images will follow tomorrow but congratulations to:-

Best in Show May 2015

Uwe Kosa ‘Leisure Time’


Ist Runner Up

Matt Emmett ‘ Subterranean Victorian Cistern’


2nd Runner Up

Phil Carey ‘If Buildings Talked’


Honourable Mentions:

Estelle Vincent – The Reconstruction of Beirut Series


Josh Chow – Clockwork Puzzle


Markus Eichenberger – Water


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Best in Show Winner: We speak to Simon Hadleigh Sparks

Thank you again for the honour and opportunity.
As you recall, I arrived late to the Private View and the first thing I saw was a sticker next to my photo and I was in a state of disbelief until I found the organisers to clarify what had happened.
What makes the whole thing more of a story is that I only had an image at the Festival because I won a place to show one image via an Amateur Photographer magazine competition.  This was enough of a surprise to win the place and I had not planned any images for it so I contacted Emma from the London Photo Festival to ask what images would be suitable, and she asked for a few to view to select a suitable one.  I sent about 12 images and placed the winning image first in this selection having a feeling this is the one she would choose and she did!
This is the second plane I have done and they are very popular on Flickr where I live, I did about 4 and felt that was enough but have done more since.  The image was taken on Palmer Street off Victoria Street Westminster SW1H
I would like to express my thanks and appreciation to the lovely judge who saw something in my photo over all the other outstanding works.
Laura Noble, the director of LA Noble Galley was the judge for October 2014 and she had this to say:
“Being a judge for the London Photography Festival was a great honour. The high standard of work and variety of interpretations of the theme meant for a difficult choice when judging. Visitors really responded to the work displayed and it was wonderful to speak with the winners and participants about their photography. I really look forward to next year’s festival and the fascinating photography it will bring.”