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We are delighted to exhibit at photo19 in #zurich next year! #photography #photographyexhibitions

We have been invited again to take part in photo19 Zurich’s ‘Directors Choice Series’. The series will show exhibited images from up to 100 photography festivals from all around the world. Congratulations to the following who will be digitally exhibited in Zurich next year and you can view the images on our Facebook page.

Akash S. Chauhan

Alicja Brodowicz

Daniel Munteanu

Eda Korcak

George Digalakis

Geraint Rowland

Hans-Joerg Aleff

Joerg Karrenbauer

Ladislav Rombald

Leka Huie

Levente Toth

Lucy Higgins

Miranda Hodge

Neil Lennon

Prianko Moitra

Renee Chabot

Reza Isapour

Richard Dickson

Roger Jackson

Zorica Purlija


Did your image make our Retro Wall? #photography #London #londonphotofestival

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We announce our #street #photography #competition finalists! #London #photocontest #streetphotography

2017 will be a year of commemoration for us as we celebrate our 10th London Photo Festival and our year of celebration kicked off with a free photography competition. We received 765 entries from around the world and the 1st round was judged by us, the London Photo Festival. The 2nd round was judged by the public and here are the top 20 images with the most public votes. These images will be exhibited in London 18-20 May 2017. Congratulations to the finalists and to all who took part!

Andreas Ott

Anna Zurru

Birka Wiedmaier

Chris Reuter

Daniele Zarri

Dmytro Kornilov

Emily Mae Aston

Hans-Jörg Aleff

Jeffrey De Keyser

Juergen Schabel

Kyle Julien D. Wijesekara

Manish Jaisi

Maria José Pereira Porto


Moniruzzaman Sazal

Natalia Drachinskaya

Omri Shomer

Taras Bychko

Valentin Fedorov

Vladimir Badikov

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We announce our abstract/fineart judge- the multi talented @rosie_hardy #photography #abstract

Rosie Hardy is a conceptual art photographer based in the Peak District. Her surreal self portraiture and creative photo manipulations capture escapism at its prettiest. Hardy has been shooting for a decade, working her way as a school girl trekking through fields – with the cheapest equipment money could buy – (clutching handfuls of props and looking rather out of place) to trekking through fields with slightly more expensive, mud covered equipment, but lots more confidence and excitement.
Her “Big Break” came at age 19 when she was discovered by Maroon 5, and was asked to shoot their album cover, “Hands All Over”. Since then, she has worked with numerous brands such as Microsoft, Pandora and Random House, as well as celebrities and musicians, but she still loves to shoot a decent wedding and just can’t seem to stay away from those fields…
Her work is inspired by emotion and human connection, and the comfort that can be found in art during times of loss and heartache.

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LPG News: We have some exciting news coming up! #photography #London #LPG #London #exhibiting

Watch this space for more details or sign up to our mailing list to be kept up-to-date with all our news and events.


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We’ve got a busy weekend ahead! #photography #London #LPF #Cityscapes #Polabora #architecture

We’ll be exhibiting as part of the celebration launch of Ensemble Perpetuo’s innovative evenings of chamber music, CITYSCAPES takes you through a world of music influenced and inspired by Cityscapes from across the world. Part of Perpetuo’s exciting collaborations include a special exhibition of photographs by the London Photo Festival.

The images for our new Retro Wall are being printed as we type and all the proofing is being done for the catalogue and our other exhibitors at the Festival!

Please help us promote the Festival by encouraging your friends, family and followers to visit 14-16 May when it’s open to the public and if you use Twitter (@londonphotofest), please use the following hastags: #LPF #londonphotofestival #London #photography #architecture – let’s try and get the Festival trending!!  Please also promote on your websites, Facebook, blogs, pigeon carrier etc etc.
There are still some places left for Zoe’s Master Class on Stock Photography: – book on our website now!

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The Devil’s in the Detail.



When you enter photography competitions and exhibitions, do you ever read the Terms and Conditions?

If the answer is ‘no’, then you are not alone, especially when the T&Cs go forever (and ever) and are written in a language to confuse even a member of Mensa.

However, they are there for a reason and it’s important that you get into the habit of reading them, or at least skimming them for the salient terms. 

Here are a few things to look out for (this is not an exhaustive list):

Additional Charges/fees

You may be charged an initial entry fee and then if you are selected, you may then incur additional fees. Will you be charged a commission if your image is sold?  What about getting additional prints done? Who pays for getting the image delivered to the buyer? Questions questions, but all things need to be considered!


Most competitions state that the copyright will rest with the artist but see ‘usage of image’ on how they can still use your image without consulting you.


Are you responsible for getting your image to the venue?  Is there a date & time that it needs to be collected? Sometimes you’ll be charged daily for storage fees.


Cropped, nipped or tucked – they reserve the right to edit your image!


Following on from our recent blog post, always check whether you are responsible for insuring your work, including delivery to and from the exhibition, at the exhibition and if the image is sold, to and from the buyer.

Usage of Image

I’ve noticed that a lot of competitions reserve the right to use your image in perpetuity. What does that mean?  In a nutshell, they can use your image forever, as often as they like and without paying you (and often without even crediting you as the photographer).  Plus, they can sell your image for third parties to utilise.    

Usage of Personal Details

Again, your personal details can be sold to third parties to use and you’ll start receiving annoying emails selling you things that you do not need or want.


It’s not all doom and gloom and I would encourage entering competitions and exhibitions (especially the London Photo Festival!) but just ensure that you protect yourself and your images.

Have you been caught out by onerous Terms & Conditions?  Comment and let us know.