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The People Have Spoken! Who won our F/factor competition? #photography #london #londonphotofestival

It was a closely run contest in our F/factor competition, where the public have a chance to vote for their favourite image at the Festival. This year’s theme was street photography and you can see the winning images on our Facebook page. Congratulations to the following photographers:-

!st – Tony Sellen (Evolution)

2nd – Tony Sellen (The Reverend)

3rd – Brecciaroli (Rebel Mayo)

4th – Gearoid Hayes (Floating Flowershop)



Other high votes and not in vote order:-

Alice Gardoni (As Life 2)

AYLC (Shadow Lines)

Bob Chiu (Hiking in the snow)

Helena Sikk ( Fixing the Bike in 2017)

Ilya Trofimenko (Summer In The City)

John Kelly ( Little China Girl)

John Kelly (Watch the Master)

Kant Rathod (The Lost Art of Conversation)

Keith Davies (Ice Cream)

Maria Kalogiorgi (Man Counting His Money)

Mark Heathcote (Zombie Love)

Matthew Pritchard (Homeward Bound)

Maya Simeon ( Angel Kid)

Mayur Channagere (Old and Forgotten)

Michael Callagher (Wine By The Canal)

Muge Karatas (Stop)

Natasha Bennett (Dog Walker)

Nicola Breen (water competition)

Pablo Ruiz (The Right Step)

Samantha Connolly (Only Passing Through)

Stuart Cashmore (Lonely Table)

Tony Sellen (Running in Circles)




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Congratulations to @Jo_TC winner of our f/Factor competition – sponsored by @LoxleyColour #photography #London

All visitors are encouraged to vote for their favourite work in the hotly contested f/factor competition and this year’s winner is:
Jo Tinning Clowes – Iceland Ice Cave
JoTC_Iceland ice cave
Other high scorers were (and in no particular order):-
Alexander Durie – Ulu Road
Henry Rice – Osaka (Best in Show)
Emma Jones – Amazing Face
Kant Kathod – In God’s country
Joerg Karrenbauer – Over the Bridge (Honourable Mention)
Jordan Hutchinson – Batur
Angel Armero – Greengrocer’s Siesta  
Marlene Wareham – Jack and Rosie
Samantha Strinic – Crossing the Line
Guy Needham – Hamar Green (1st Runner Up and Sold)
Jordan Hutchinson – Cat Cat
Richard Dickson – Two Cities (Honourable Mention)
Ella Millward – Lost on the Road
Britta Baumann – Bubble Fun
Jamie Brake – Sunrise in Pembroke
Elias Tsigounis – Vegetarian Festival
Neil Cordell – Sunset at Inle Lake
Chiara Battistini – Daily Tasks
Anja Filippini – Girl On A Bus (2nd Runner Up)
Coin Page – Lamps of Dagenham
Shareena Hatta – Skyfall
Alice Gardoni – as…Life (Honourable Mention)
Rijil Thomas – Scarface
Stephen D’Agostino – Athens Prayer
Samanthan Strinic – Girl in a Kimono
Saad Hussain – Ray of Sun
Michelle King – Essaouria  
Congratulations everyone!

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We have great prizes on offer for this month’s Festival! @mappoflondon #Awagamifactory @LoxleyColour ‏ #photography #London

To help celebrate our 10th Festival, we have introduced a prize fund of over £500, made up of Awagami inkjet papers, a printing voucher from Loxley Colour , a luxury leather camera bag from Mapp of London and a free space at next year’s Festival! The top three winners will be selected by our judge, David Newton and the winner of the f/Factor competition will be selected by the public.  Good luck everyone and we look forward to seeing you 18-20 May.


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And the public have spoken! The winners of the f/Factor competition are…..#photography #London #Londonphotofestival

In addition to asking a judge to vote for their favourite images at our Private View, we also invite the public to vote for their favourite image at the Festival.
The top three winners are:-
  1. Mache del Campo – Stars Walking
  2. Joe O’Brien – Impeachment
  3. Leanne Bouvet – Fetch
Congratulations to the top three winners!
Other high scorers were and in no order:-
Laura Fitzpatrick – Streetlamp
Karandeep Bhogal – Comforts
Sola Prosser – Why Hello There
Hannah Teare – Let The Wild Rumpus Start
Margherita Von Aulock – Olivia
Anita Chandra – Dust Devils
Jenifer Bunnett – Impartity
Joe O’Brien – Resistance
Fang Tong – Motel
Filipe Bianchi – Waterfall Cambodia
Jilna Shukla – Taking a Break
Celina Cabezas – Brown Ashes
Giorgio Chianello – Iron Sky
Belen Yuste – Wet Hoof
Caz Dyer – The Isle of Grain
Natasha Bennett – Flight Over Water
Helena Sikk – Air
Tony Sellen – Bright Idea
Stuart Cashmore – Copenhagen Reflection 2
Mark Heathcote – Humdrum Town
Kathleen Gulley – Salmon Street
Congratulations to all the exhibitors!

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The f/Factor winner is…. @MattEmmett1 with his image ‘Subterranean Victorian Cistern’. Congratulations! #photography #londonphotofestival #LPF

Matt Emmett_Subterranean Victorian Cistern web

2nd Place: Debbie Jaye Italiano Architecttura

3rd Place: Tony Sellen: We are Proud Individuals

Other high scorers (in no particular order):-

Phil Carey: Liquid Walls

Uwe Kosa: Pension Office

Adonis Stevenson: Symmetry in 4D

Michelle Mason-Walker: Remembrance

Leanne Bouvet: Shadow Play

Roy Smart: Lloyds Building

Suresh Seetharaman: Gopuram

Mark A Paulda: Jubilee

Uwe Kosa: Leisure Time

Matt Emmett: Ruined Colonnade

Debbie Jaye: The Palladian Archway

Andrew Lalchan: Ghosts of Piazza Del Duomo

Norman Hall: The Old Carpark

Estelle Vincent: The Reconstruction of Beirut

Constantino Listowski: Walk

Josh Chow: Clockwork Puzzle

Laura McGregor: Trellick Tower

Markus Eichenberger: Stars

Chiara Gerevasi: Round Tower

Christine Ongsiek: The Tulip Stairs

Helen Keech: Sea of Steps

Cesar Augusto Aizabaleta Sanchez: The Orange House

Michael Kirk: Akvarium

Richard Dickson: Aquatic Centre 2

Kelly Spruce: Brooklyn Bridge

Stuart Cashmore: City Curves

Maria Razumovskaya: Early Spring

Congratulations to everyone!