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Congratulations to @Jo_TC winner of our f/Factor competition – sponsored by @LoxleyColour #photography #London

All visitors are encouraged to vote for their favourite work in the hotly contested f/factor competition and this year’s winner is:
Jo Tinning Clowes – Iceland Ice Cave
JoTC_Iceland ice cave
Other high scorers were (and in no particular order):-
Alexander Durie – Ulu Road
Henry Rice – Osaka (Best in Show)
Emma Jones – Amazing Face
Kant Kathod – In God’s country
Joerg Karrenbauer – Over the Bridge (Honourable Mention)
Jordan Hutchinson – Batur
Angel Armero – Greengrocer’s Siesta  
Marlene Wareham – Jack and Rosie
Samantha Strinic – Crossing the Line
Guy Needham – Hamar Green (1st Runner Up and Sold)
Jordan Hutchinson – Cat Cat
Richard Dickson – Two Cities (Honourable Mention)
Ella Millward – Lost on the Road
Britta Baumann – Bubble Fun
Jamie Brake – Sunrise in Pembroke
Elias Tsigounis – Vegetarian Festival
Neil Cordell – Sunset at Inle Lake
Chiara Battistini – Daily Tasks
Anja Filippini – Girl On A Bus (2nd Runner Up)
Coin Page – Lamps of Dagenham
Shareena Hatta – Skyfall
Alice Gardoni – as…Life (Honourable Mention)
Rijil Thomas – Scarface
Stephen D’Agostino – Athens Prayer
Samanthan Strinic – Girl in a Kimono
Saad Hussain – Ray of Sun
Michelle King – Essaouria  
Congratulations everyone!

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We have great prizes on offer for this month’s Festival! @mappoflondon #Awagamifactory @LoxleyColour ‏ #photography #London

To help celebrate our 10th Festival, we have introduced a prize fund of over £500, made up of Awagami inkjet papers, a printing voucher from Loxley Colour , a luxury leather camera bag from Mapp of London and a free space at next year’s Festival! The top three winners will be selected by our judge, David Newton and the winner of the f/Factor competition will be selected by the public.  Good luck everyone and we look forward to seeing you 18-20 May.


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And the public have spoken! The winners of the f/Factor competition are…..#photography #London #Londonphotofestival

In addition to asking a judge to vote for their favourite images at our Private View, we also invite the public to vote for their favourite image at the Festival.
The top three winners are:-
  1. Mache del Campo – Stars Walking
  2. Joe O’Brien – Impeachment
  3. Leanne Bouvet – Fetch
Congratulations to the top three winners!
Other high scorers were and in no order:-
Laura Fitzpatrick – Streetlamp
Karandeep Bhogal – Comforts
Sola Prosser – Why Hello There
Hannah Teare – Let The Wild Rumpus Start
Margherita Von Aulock – Olivia
Anita Chandra – Dust Devils
Jenifer Bunnett – Impartity
Joe O’Brien – Resistance
Fang Tong – Motel
Filipe Bianchi – Waterfall Cambodia
Jilna Shukla – Taking a Break
Celina Cabezas – Brown Ashes
Giorgio Chianello – Iron Sky
Belen Yuste – Wet Hoof
Caz Dyer – The Isle of Grain
Natasha Bennett – Flight Over Water
Helena Sikk – Air
Tony Sellen – Bright Idea
Stuart Cashmore – Copenhagen Reflection 2
Mark Heathcote – Humdrum Town
Kathleen Gulley – Salmon Street
Congratulations to all the exhibitors!

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The f/Factor winner is…. @MattEmmett1 with his image ‘Subterranean Victorian Cistern’. Congratulations! #photography #londonphotofestival #LPF

Matt Emmett_Subterranean Victorian Cistern web

2nd Place: Debbie Jaye Italiano Architecttura

3rd Place: Tony Sellen: We are Proud Individuals

Other high scorers (in no particular order):-

Phil Carey: Liquid Walls

Uwe Kosa: Pension Office

Adonis Stevenson: Symmetry in 4D

Michelle Mason-Walker: Remembrance

Leanne Bouvet: Shadow Play

Roy Smart: Lloyds Building

Suresh Seetharaman: Gopuram

Mark A Paulda: Jubilee

Uwe Kosa: Leisure Time

Matt Emmett: Ruined Colonnade

Debbie Jaye: The Palladian Archway

Andrew Lalchan: Ghosts of Piazza Del Duomo

Norman Hall: The Old Carpark

Estelle Vincent: The Reconstruction of Beirut

Constantino Listowski: Walk

Josh Chow: Clockwork Puzzle

Laura McGregor: Trellick Tower

Markus Eichenberger: Stars

Chiara Gerevasi: Round Tower

Christine Ongsiek: The Tulip Stairs

Helen Keech: Sea of Steps

Cesar Augusto Aizabaleta Sanchez: The Orange House

Michael Kirk: Akvarium

Richard Dickson: Aquatic Centre 2

Kelly Spruce: Brooklyn Bridge

Stuart Cashmore: City Curves

Maria Razumovskaya: Early Spring

Congratulations to everyone!