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We speak to Liliana Ranalletta the 2nd runner up of our 2nd #streetphotography #photocontest #London #photography

As always I walk down the street as if I were a hunting dog.
The Lincoln Road in Miami Beach is an interesting place especially at evening.
I was sitting at the edge of one of the large flower beds in the middle of the road. In front of me was the Starbucks shop.
In one of the window, there was the girl with a dog and her bag was on the table. I took some shots, but I was not satisfied because the girl was wearing clearly visible white boots.
After a short wait she has shifted because maybe she had been annoyed by a passerby.
So she moved to a new side location, where the white shoes were hidden by the bag and then I shot the photo having the feeling of having done a good shot: an urban zoo.
The girl has never noted my presence because she was writing in her computer.
You can see the exhibition at The Bridge Lounge until October.

03_Liliana Ranalletta_84A5980


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We speak to Marie Laigneau the 1st runner up of our 2nd #streetphotography #photocontest #London #photography

The human stories that I capture are not real – they are projections of my own dreams, fears, and hopes. When I saw this old man walking in front of me, I felt as if I was encountering a character in my dreams. The Old wise man whose head lives in the clouds. The patterns of light and shapes surrounding his expressive face made him look all the stranger, and yet, somewhat familiar to me – so I shot right away, as I always do, never thinking twice…
You can see the exhibition at The Bridge Lounge until October.

02_Marie Laigneau_L1006070-Edit-Edit

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We speak to @paubuscato the winner of our 2nd #streetphotography #photocontest #London #photography

I decided to participate in the competition when I saw it was being judged by Paul Russell, a renowned street photographer and member of iN-PUBLiC. I have always enjoyed his images, so British and with that subtle sense of humour, so being picked by him as the winner made it even more special.
This photo was taken in Oslo in June 2015, right in front of the construction site of the new Deichman library and very close to the opera building, one of the main tourist attractions in the city. I thought the scene looked quite odd and I was lucky we had a cloudy grey sky that matched with the rest of the scene colours. It was taken with a Fuji X100T.
You can see the exhibition at The Bridge Lounge until October.
01_Pau Buscato DSCF3534

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We announce top 20 #photographers in our 2nd street #photocontest judged by @paulrussell99

Congratulations to the following photographers who have been selected by Paul Russell as his top 20 images in our second street photography.  They will be exhibited in London and the top 3 cash prizes winners will be announced on the first day of the exhibition (date in June TBC).

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We are delighted to announce Paul Russell, a renowned In-public street photographer, as our judge for our next street photography competition.

Paul is a photographer based in Weymouth, England, currently shooting in Bath, Brighton, London (and Weymouth).

He’s interested in examining how human behaviour is affected by our environment. Having studied animal behaviour and evolution at university, he thinks of his photography as a pictorial natural history and ecology of humans. We enjoy traditional nature documentaries about other species, and birdwatchers will often spend hours waiting for a small nondescript brown bird to leave its nest, for example, but we rarely stop to examine our own everyday behaviour in such detail. Familiarity can make us forget that human behaviour is often quite peculiar…