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We speak to Thomas Sweetman, 2nd runner up in our Nature #Photography Competition #Chiang Mai #Thailand

I took this photo in Chiang Mai Thailand. One evening I was passing the river banks and noticed a tiny bike bridge over the Ping River that connected two small villages. It was quite a sight watching the small bikes taking the bridge so I captured this aerial which really summed up the experience of man crossing nature while the river created patterns below and the traffic crossed over.



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Monthly Competition Winners: Landscape #photography #landscape #London #travel

This month’s voted for images:-

Congratulations to Jerwin John Civil (left image) and Pascale Hustings (right image)

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We speak to Harry Jenkins, one of this month’s Collectors Club photographers #photography #London #londonphotofestival

My favourite medium is paint but when I had painted an abstract painting based on a photo I took of a street in London and compared it with my original photo of the scene (which I had taken because I had been able to finish sketching), it struck me that both had something to offer about the feel of that place.
The painting was my interpretation of  how I felt immersed in London. By combining my photograph and a photograph I then took of my painting it added a greater depth and the differences were highlighted and it emphasised indecision even further.
I personally really liked this image as it holds onto the feel of the painting and I was able to tweak the layering until the balance between them was most effective. It was a great moment to find out that other people had liked it too, particularly with so many great photos entered and I am so glad that I did.
I am now working on more in the series and this has motivated me to continue to explore my own City  and capture it in this dual way.

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Our Abstract/Fine Art #photography competition is up @bridgelounge #photography #London

Our Abstract/Fine Art Photography competition exhibition is now up and running! You can see all the finalists at The Bridge Lounge on Tooley StLondon Bridge – please check their website for opening times.

We also selected three additional images as our favourites and congratulations to the following photographers, you can also view their images at the exhibition:-

Sandra Cattaneo Adorno ‘Blue Mosaic’
Ashley John Hale ‘Daffodil Preservation’
Jason A Cina ‘Dried Leaf Collage’

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We speak to Best in Show winner @iamHenryRice #photography #London #londonphotofestival

A question that has amused me: if it’s more enjoyable to take a photo or to show it?

I entered Osaka into the London Photo Festival, the first time this image has ever been seen in public. When I left university last year, I then went on a trip across Japan and South Korea, while travelling I continued a body of work entitled “Mapping” which explored the memory of a place using photos from the same location and day. The body of work came about when I was trying to find an image to use as my screen saver that encapsulated a trip to Canada I when on and no one image could achieve this. I then weaved several images together and eureka! When I saw the London Photo Festival with the theme of travel it seemed perfect.

When you’re an emerging artist trying to make a living out of what you do and love it, it can be incredibly difficult. Photographers who are already established have networks to get new work out to the public. The London Photo Festival provided an invaluable service, to allow for those images that photographers are excited and confident about to be enjoyed by the public. I think this is one of the biggest hurdles to overcome if you’re trying to make photography a career. This is a chance to exhibit in London, the vibrant pulsating heart of the UK, and one of the world’s most renowned cities. The show is nestled in a beautiful part of central London, the exhibition itself was inside the crypt of St George the Martyr’s Church, a quirky setting contrasting the old architecture with the clean white walls of the gallery space.

To be selective as Best in Show is a fantastic feeling, it was my birthday and I was with my family and friends, then to be told I had won Best in Show was a massive surprise. It’s great to be part of a show where the quality is so high and makes you feel even more proud to be achieve Best in Show. I have been given an impressive supply of Awagami Paper that I have a couple of idea that could use this material that I think will be quite wired, but I think people will get a buzz from it.

I encourage photographers to be bold, go out and try any opportunity that is available. As you you can’t predict where it will take you.


If you enjoy my work please look at my website

follow me on Instagram and twitter to see any updates of my work

@thedustyjar  Instagram

@iamhenryrice   Twitter

Henry Rice       Pintrest

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Monthly #photography #competition -did your image get to the next round? #London #photocontest #collectorsclub

Thank you for entering our monthly competition!
Follow this link to find out whether your image made it to the next round.  The image that now receives the most votes will be featured in our Collectors Club in our April newsletter and on our London Photo Gallery website.
Voting ends 27 March – please share the link on your social media pages and amongst your friends and family.
Good luck!
The Shard In A Pond_John Bussy credit

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2nd Runner Up of our #landscape #photography competition is announced! #London #photocontest

Congratulations to Angela Baschieri who is the 2nd Runner Up in our Landscape Photography Competition with her image ‘Amazing Tigray’.  You can see her image, the two runners up and the top 20 selected images at The Bridge Lounge in London from 26 September to early 2017.

This image was taken in the Gheralta mountain of Tigray. This magical landscape host around 200 rock-hewn churches, most of them easily accessible although some are situated on the mountain ranges and involve climbing through fairly difficult terrain.

The rock-hewn churches of Tigray offer the most spectacular views and the long Christian tradition. Until the mid 1960’s, the churches were almost unknown outside Tigray itself.