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The winner of the f/Factor May 2014 Competition is…..

Roza Vulf with ‘Untitled – Paris’. ┬áCongratulations Roza!


Second Place: Kelly Drake-Tapscott ‘Time Out’


Joint Third Place: Sue Roche ‘Crossing’ and Vincent Kraft ‘Welcome in Hell’


Other high scorers (and in no particular order):

Steve Coker ‘Silhouette’

Sue Roche ‘Cycling’

Vincent Kraft ‘Stop’

Vincent Kraft ‘1212 People’

Aaron Baghetti ‘Art Lesson in Florence’

Chiara Geravasi ‘Inner Fight’

Debbie Jaye ‘Homme de Fumer’

Sharon Jenkins ‘Magazine’

Samantha Edgley ‘Between the Lines’

Neil Cordell ‘Outside the Fish market’

Ana Graca ‘Saudade’

Natalie Coombe ‘World Watcher’

Alessia Palombo ‘Canal’

Philip Carey ‘Victim on Fashion Street’

Roza Vulf ‘Untitled Rome’

Mark Paulda ‘Old Crompton Street’

Margo Ryan ‘Watermelon Seller’

Joerg Karrenbauger ‘Peek’

Norman Hall ‘Into the Crowd’

Angela Mohun ‘Tango Dancers’

Congratulations everyone!