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Exhibitor Hansika Jethnani tells us about the process behind her #photographs #London #londonphotofestival

In my series intractable, I let the 4 elements (water, earth, fire and air) control the polaroids I have photographed. I simply take the polaroid, the act of the elements ‘destroying’ or ‘creating’ it, giving it life and its own essence is what is crucial as opposed to the fact I took a polaroid. The elements are an ontological approach to my comprehension of existence. Using the notion of abstraction, which is ideally a portrayal of the inner states and the invisible, I have attempted to re-examine an aspect of existence, while experimenting with form and materiality of the elements. This led to experiments with different processes although of the same element. For fire, I let the polaroid develop in the microwave or with a lighter. For water, I let the polaroid run under the tap. By using the elements to control the images, I have hoped to ‘destroy’ and get rid of essentially what’s ‘important’ in the photograph.

Is it still a photograph of me if you cannot see it anymore? I questioned not just the nature of existence as a whole but the nature of existence in a photograph, especially the polaroid since it is known to encapsulate a moment just as it is.


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We hear from @markusphotos 1st Runner Up May 2016 #photography #London

Markus is a multi-award winning photographer and filmmaker. He has travelled over 80 countries so far to fulfil his passion to capture the beauty of our planet.
I hired a car and guide to travel through the biggest salt desert in the world, Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia. To capture the vast landscape I used a fish eye lens.
For more information:
Why I entered the festival:
It is the second time that I participate in the festival. I like the atmosphere of the event and the high quality imagery that can be seen here. It is a great place for inspiration for me and also a good place to catch up with other photographers.
You can see Markus’ images at the Festival 19-21 May.

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What’s happening at the #londonphotofestival? Read on to find out! #photography #London #LPF

  • Street Photography Competition – the winners will be announced in February. Make sure you are signed up to our mailing list to find out who the lucky winners are!
  • Abstract/Fine Art Photography Competition – our new competition is now open for submissions. You can win cash prizes and be exhibited at our Festival in May.  Deadline to enter is 23rd April and you can enter here.
  • London Photo Festival – the theme for May’s Festival is ‘The Four Elements: Earth, Wind, Fire and Air’.  All details on how to take part are on our website.  The Festival takes place 19-21 May.
  • Master Class – Zoe Whishaw is back to tell you what the essential elements are of an effective website for photographers.  You can book your place here.
  • Click ‘n Clique Networking Evening – this is a free networking evening and a chance to meet industry experts, fellow photographers and the exhibitors.  We’ll be joined by Markus Eichenberger who will present a FREE talk on time-lapse photography. There are limited spaces for his talk so book your place here.

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Our next festival is 19-22 May and the theme is: the four elements of EARTH, AIR, FIRE, and WATER 19-22 May. See our website for more details on how to enter.

Our next festival is 19-22 May and the theme is: the four elements of EARTH, AIR, FIRE, and WATER. The festival is open to new and emerging photographers from around the world and we do not evaluate your work.

Book and pay for a space and upload your images by 15th April – it’s that simple! See our website for more details on how to enter. #photography #londonphotofestival #LPF #exhibiting #London

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We’re gearing up for #LondonPhotoFestival 2016 which will be running from 19th to 21st May #photography #LPF #london #exhibiting

We’re gearing up for London Photo Festival 2016 which will be running from 19th to 21st May. Submissions are welcome on the theme ‘The four elements: Earth, Water, Air and Fire’. The interpretation is open to you. Remember that we don’t judge your work so your photos will be displayed – as long as we have room. Places go fast so make sure to book your spot early.


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We are now accepting submissions for May 2016’s Festival #photography #londonphotofestival

Are you an emerging new talent? Looking for somewhere to exhibit your work?

Book & pay for a space – it’s that simple.

Our next Festival is 19th-21st May 2016 and the theme is ‘ The four elements: Earth, Water, Air and Fire’.  

The Festival is open to photographers worldwide.

Our Festival is held at The Crypt, St George the Martyr Church, Borough High Street London SE1 2JA

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Our theme for 19th-21st May 2016 Festival is: The Four Elements: Earth, Water, Air and Fire #photography #London #londonphotofestival

Our next Festival will be 19th-21st May 2016 and the theme is ‘The Four Elements: Earth, Water, Air and Fire’ – your image must contain least one element or they can contain a combination of all/some of the elements.  Your images must not have been exhibited at the Festival before. The closing date for submissions is: 10th April 2016