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To insure or not to insure, that is the question.

When I got back into photography and started to look at how to exhibit and where to exhibit my work, the last thing I thought of was insuring my work when it was displayed in cafes, galleries or exhibitions etc. After all, preparing my work (i.e. printing, mounting, framing etc) had been such an expensive task, that quite often I ignored any additional ‘unnecessary’ expenses! 

So far (touch wood!) I have been lucky however, this subject has recently raised its head and I wanted to share the experiences with you…   

One exhibitor had drink spilt on her very expensively produced image and it damaged the acrylic front but, the printers who produced the image managed to repair it. However, she was fortunate in this case but it could have been a costly lesson to replace the damaged image.

Another exhibitor’s work fell off the wall at an exhibition and it was damaged.  This too was an expensive piece to produce and it just adds addition costs on your small profit line & extra hassle to get it fixed. It is also important to remember that you cannot always rely on claiming on the venue’s insurance and always check the terms and conditions on your contract to ascertain who is responsible for insurance. 

Learn from these eventualities and ensure your work is insured not only for the duration of the exhibition but also for transportation to and from the venue.