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We speak to Tony Sellen @TS446photo 2nd runner up in our #architecture #photocontest #photography #Londony

The High and The Mighty

This photo of St Paul’s Cathedral and The Millennium Bridge was taken the day after the super moon, the large full moon had made the tide higher than I’d ever seen it before. There was some beautiful light from the low winter sun lighting up the Cathedrals dome and making the high water shimmer. It’s a popular subject for most photographers due to having two very iconic London structures so close to each other. Sir Christopher Wren’s 17th century English Baroque architecture still dominates the London skyline while the modern Millennium Bridge adds some sleek metallic lines reaching across the river.



Let’s Go Round Again

Contrasting shapes and tones is what caught my attention to take this photo. The bright curves and the dark straight edges surrounding it, both brought together with the reflection in the window. Modern interior architecture at its best.



Tony is a self-taught photographer shooting with Nikon cameras. He is passionate about fine art, long exposure images and, based in London, The City is where he finds most of his inspiration. The theme architecture for London Photo Festivals competition was ideal for his style of photography. Being a previous competition runner up in London Photo Festival competitions, it’s a great achievement to once again have images selected in the top three.

You can see more of his work on his website www.LondonFineArtPhotography and his recently launched Facebook page



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We hear from @TS446photo 2nd Runner Up Abstract/Fine Art #photcontest May 2016 #photography #London

Tony Sellen is a self-taught, award-winning photographer. He is passionate about fine art, long exposure images and, based in London, the City is where Tony finds most of his inspiration. Tony set up his own website ( ) to display his work and is also now successfully selling limited edition prints through it. London Fine Art Photography has images of London, other cities from around the world, seascapes, landscapes and nature. Tony travels extensively with his camera always at the ready, capturing whatever the world has to offer. Always looking to progress as a photographer, exhibiting and entering competitions is a great way to gage progression. Having previously exhibited at London Photo Festival, it was a great opportunity to have the chance of entering the Abstract / Fine Art photo competition.

Tony was delighted that his two photographs ‘Bright Idea’ and ‘Can’t See The Sea’ were selected in the 20 finalists. With ‘Bright Idea’ taking the 2 nd Runner Up spot. The photograph was of a spiral staircase taken in the city of Prague, Czech Republic. From the bottom looking up it takes a fabulous light bulb shape with the light shining through the windows on the top floor.


2nd Runner Up

You can see more of Tony’s work at: