London Photo Festival & London Photo Gallery

Reaches the parts other photography blogs don't…


Are you passionate about photography? Are you ready to step out and show the world your photographic compositions but so far no luck finding a place that recognises your talents? You’re in luck – you’ve just found the place!

We created the London Photo Festival in 2011 to showcase up and coming talent like yours. The principle behind the LPF is we don’t evaluate your images. If you want to exhibit, then you can – it really is that simple. You pay a small fee and send us your images. It’s what sets us apart from other exhibitions, festivals and galleries. We don’t judge you, the public does. How do they do that? They buy your art. And on the first night of LPF, we invite a mover & shaker of the photographic world to judge all the exhibited images. Yes, not only can you sell your art but you may win a prize too!

We also run the London Photo Gallery, which is an initiative for the showcasing of new and emerging photographers from around the globe. All of the images on display are for sale and we know there’s something to suit everyone’s taste.

We asked you what motivates you to enter photography competitions and the chance to exhibit your work was your top response.  We are proud to present photography competitions for photographers around the world and not only can we offer you the chance for your work to be exhibited, but we can throw in some cash prizes and some well deserved recognition too!

Want to share your photography experiences with us? Email us at to be featured on our blog.


One thought on “Home

  1. The gallery and festival look like really good ideas. I’ve been taking photos for years but had never heard of them.

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